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Chairman Nguyen Hoang Anh welcomes the delegation of ZTE Corporation


CMSC Mr. Nguyen Hoang Anh, Chairman of the Commission for the Management of State Capital at Enterprises (CMSC) had a meeting with the delegation of ZTE Corporation (China), led by Mr. Zhu Hua, General Director of ZTE HK Co., Ltd. on April 13, in Hanoi.

The meeting was also attended by representatives from the Department of Technology and Infrastructure and the Office of the Committee.

At the meeting, Mr. Zhu Hua, General Director of ZTE HK Co., Ltd (ZTE Group) said that ZTE is a multinational telecommunications equipment manufacturing corporation headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong (China). ZTE is organized around three core business segments, including transmission network, terminal equipment, and telecommunication. ZTE's core products are wireless equipment, switchboards, access equipment, optical cables, data - telecommunications equipment, mobile phones, telecommunications software. Known as one of the 5 largest Chinese smartphone manufacturers, ZTE reported operating revenues of USD 17.68 billion in 2022.

Mr. Zhu Hua - General Director of ZTE HK Co., Ltd (ZTE Group) spoke at the meeting

According to Mr. Zhu Hua, as an information technology and telecommunication enterprise, ZTE has followed its policy of investing in research and development activities. In 2022, ZTE invested 17.6% of its total operating revenue, or around USD 3.1 billion, in R&D. ZTE is listed on both the Shanghai and Hong Kong Stock Exchanges. ZTE, which has more than 74,000 employees and representative offices in more than 140 countries around the world, has built partnerships with 500 telecommunications operators. ZTE equipment has served 2 billion telecom subscribers.

In Vietnam, ZTE has a cooperative relationship with two enterprises under the CMSC including Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT) and MobiFone Corporation. ZTE has provided equipment for VNPT's network, both in mobile network infrastructure and telecommunications network infrastructure in localities, such as providing wireless equipment for 2G/3G/4G networks, transmission equipment, IP DSLAM equipment, or Set-top-box equipment. Meanwhile, ZTE has provided technical support services for the MobiFone network.

At the meeting, Mr. Nguyen Hoang Anh, Chairman of the CMSC praised the cooperation between ZTE and VNPT and MobiFone, which are telecommunications enterprises under the authority of the CMSC, expressing his impression and congratulation to ZTE on its results and achievements in technology and information research and development in recent years.

Chairman of the Commission for Management of State Capital at Enterprises Nguyen Hoang Anh spoke at the meeting

According to Chairman Nguyen Hoang Anh, the current policy of the Socialist Party and Government of Vietnam is to ensure proactive participation in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, in order to proactively take advantage of effective opportunities of the Fourth Industrial Revolution to promote the process of renewing the growth model, restructuring the economy while implementing strategic breakthroughs and national modernization, strongly develop the digital economy, to foster rapid and sustainable development based on science and technology, and to encourage innovation and creativity. Therefore, the Government of Vietnam had also set out a number of policies for the development of sectors and fields.

In fact, Vietnam concentrates on developing priority sectors of high availability such as information technology industry, electronics-telecommunications; cyber safety and security; intelligent manufacturing industry; finance-banking; e-commerce; digital agriculture; digital travel; digital culture industry; healthcare; and education and training. In addition, Vietnam allocates resources for the implementation of national key research programs on priority technologies, with a focus on information technology and communications, mechatronics and new technologies in the field of energy, artificial intelligence, biotechnology and biomedical electronics. The Government of Vietnam, furthermore, implements state policies to support priority sectors and technologies mainly by reforming and completing institutions, creating a favorable business environment; supporting infrastructure investment; developing human resources and science and technology; and placing public procurement orders.

In that spirit, the CMSC welcomes ZTE’s investment and cooperation activities in Vietnam; thereby contributing to promoting the socio-economic development of Vietnam in general and the development of telecommunications and information technology in particular”, emphasized Chairman Nguyen Hoang Anh.

Regarding the proposal for development cooperation with enterprises under the CMSC, especially telecommunications enterprises such as VNPT and MobiFone, the CMSC warmly welcomes and suggests that ZTE takes the initiative and continue to work with VNPT and MobiFone, seeking cooperation opportunities, developing together on the basis of mutually beneficial cooperation and contributing to the development of Vietnam. 

By Huong Linh

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